Lake Gregory Wedding

James and Kristen and their Lake Gregory wedding!  

Weddings are so many things…

A party.


A new adventure.

But I don’t think any wedding as quite been such a story of redemption and healing. With each person who spoke and each person who participated, I saw more and more glimpses of how not only these two had come together and grown, but their entire families had been changed and healed.  There were constant tears of joy throughout the ceremony, speeches, and the dancing.  Everyone spoke so highly of the bride and groom and how much they were loved together. 

It was a sweet and emotional ceremony at Lake Gregory Community Church. The groom shed a few tears during Kristen’s vows and it was all beautiful and oh so emotional.

My most favorite part of the day was when Kristen’s friend gave a speech and talked about her incredible smile. It was at that moment that James said to no one but himself, “that smile kills me every time.” The speeches mentioned how good James was for Kristen and their family. Even the speeches from their kids showed their bond and hinted at everything they have both gone through to get to that day.

After the ceremony and reception we walked down a short way to Lake Gregory and took photos by the lake while the sun was still high in the sky. When we talked about the glowing speeches James got emotional. It had been quite a journey for both of them and I could tell that their love was a healing and redemptive one. Since I have known James for many years, it was a beautiful place to see them both in and made me so happy for them and the beautiful family they had together.

See for yourself!

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