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and makes you feel alive

Southern California Redlands San Bernardino Mountains Wedding Photography Photographer

I want you to embrace this exhilarating time and create exactly what you want. A wedding that isn’t centered on expectation, but love and gratitude. Fully alive and present. Focused on what matters most when you strip away life’s chaos: Love and friendship ... the journey that brought you together and the adventure you’re leaping into with your whole entire heart.

I cannot wait to leap with you.

(And sometimes, I mean that literally.)

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Southern California Redlands San Bernardino Mountains Wedding Photography Photographer

You are unapologetically yourself

Why have a wedding that’s any different?

Choose the traditions that speak to you, without the pressure to meet anyone else’s expectations.

Can I let you in on something? Those are the sort of weddings that make me the giddiest.

I am absolutely HERE for all the ways you make this day your own. Perhaps that means eloping with nature as your backdrop and a gown that showcases your tattoos. Or a vibrant wedding on your grandparent's ranch. Or a rustic venue that spoke to your soul and traditional aspects sprinkled in.

Creating the exact experience you want will make every detail feel more special. And you can depend on me to help turn your ideas into reality.

Because the thing is, you’ve probably never planned a wedding before.

Don’t sweat, I’ve got years of experience helping folks just like you through the entire process. I've put together tons of resources to help and do it all with enthusiasm and genuine friendship

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You belong among the wildflowers

You belong somewhere you feel free

Tom Petty

Allen and Elena

We love Kristen!! First off, she does amazing work, secondly, she is hilarious and a joy to work with, but most importantly she makes sure to capture every moment you could possibly want for your special day!! We are a mixed-race couple and while my husband was focused on finding a photographer that could photograph different skin tones well, I was focused on finding someone I could laugh with and be comfortable around while getting photos taken. Kristen was our answer! She really knows how to work with different skin tones so both are complimented and look amazing, no light ghost faces or dark shadows. She also asks questions about what we want captured, sentimental things, and details that are important to us. We laughed and had so much fun every time we were working together. We had such a great time getting our engagement photos done (all of us got in the water at some point; Kristen prides herself on doing what it takes for the photo!) and our wedding was marvelous and fun! All the little things were captured perfectly and the big moments were caught from all angles (you would think Kristen had a whole team helping her)! She is also just a wonderful and joyful personality and had no problem chatting and getting to know our families and hanging out! We absolutely made the BEST choice when we chose her to be our photographer, and we recommend her a million times over!

Southern California Redlands San Bernardino Mountains Wedding Photography Photographer

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