San Moritz Lodge Wedding

October 11, 2019

Harrison and Suzanne Lake Gregory, Ca

Harrison and Suzanne and their San Moritz Lodge wedding! I loved this wedding and the entire elegant, vintage details. Our Lady of the Lake Church and San Moritz Lodge are both places I’m familiar from living on the mountain, but I have to say that the reception was beyond anything I have seen before. San Moritz Lodge wedding was both elegant and rustic with the most gorgeous details that perfectly suited the theme of the entire day.

So fun story, Suzanne’s initial email to be had the subject line “Please be my photographer!” so of course I immediately loved her. She told me about their mountain wedding plans and the search for venues and I was able to share my mountain insight with her. They had the church and once they decided on the San Moritz Lodge in Lake Gregory, they rode in from Las Vegas on their motorcycles (have I mentioned how cool they are?!?) and I drove up the hill to meet up. After emailing back and forth for so long, it was such a fun time meeting them in person!

To tell you how awesome they are…Harrison and Suzanne are both police officers in Las Vegas. They ride motorcycles. They travel with a traveling dinosaur named Gary Poppins who just so happened to live his best life on their wedding day and has his own instagram. I linked that below because it’s worthy of some stalking. Harrison’s son and daughter were part of the wedding (including Gary Poppins assisting in the ring bearing duties). As we packed up for the night, Suzanne asked me if I would take a photo of her in the fountain and like the amazing adventurer she is, she jumped into that fountain in her wedding dress. Basically Harrison and Suzanne are ridiculously awesome and I’m sure you’ll agree!

Reception: San Moritz Lodge

DJ: KSDJ Professional Wedding Service

Florist: Designs by Kelly Clark

Baker: Espie Murray

Traveling dinosaur: Gary Poppins

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