This Thomas F Riley wilderness park Engagement was a two part, full day adventure that started at Victoria Beach and ended with a golden hour hike in the wilderness park.

I have to be honest when I say that this is one of the most fun engagement sessions of all time!  You see, Taelor has been telling me I would photograph her wedding almost since the day I met her over six years ago.  We’ve been on a journey together to say the very least. When she started telling me about this amazing guy she met named Ben, I knew the time would be just around the corner.  I can even tell you the exact location I told her that she had met the man she would marry. We were standing in the locker room at the gym when I told her I wanted her to go into this knowing Ben was different and that she would marry him.

Since we pulled out all the stops for her senior session over four years ago, we knew that their two part, all day adventurous engagement session would be the only way to top it.  The day started out in Laguna Beach as I shamelessly made them climb sharp rocks with bare feet and stand waist deep in the ocean as waves attacked them.  There was a fun outtake photo of a wave attacking the three of us as I tried to keep my camera gear dry. They got a little break to register for their wedding and go see a movie and then we met up at the Thomas F Riley wilderness park.  After making them hike in their beautiful clothes, we fought off bugs, heat, and possible poison oak.

They were rockstars.  Ben is a natural model.  Taelor didn’t die. I have declared it an all out success! I know you’ll love this Thomas F Riley wilderness park Engagement!

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Thomas F Riley Wilderness Park Engagement

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