This San Diego Balboa Park proposal! AHHHHHHHH!

I can’t imagine a better way to end an incredible year!  I’ve known Taelor for six years and she always told me that one day I’d photograph her wedding.

Taelor is one of those girls that just has a naturally sweet and trusting heart.  My prayer for her had always been for a man to come along who would appreciate and protect her heart.  A little over two years ago, she started to tell me about the new guy she had just met. I knew that Ben was different than anyone she had dated.  I distinctly remember telling her that this was the man she would marry. Needless to say when Ben contacted me to tell me he was proposing, I cheered out loud.

Ben had a plan for her to have a girls day in San Diego as the perfect cover. The day arrived and Balboa Park was PACKED.  Turns out the day after Christmas means everyone is out and about! Little did Taelor know that Ben would be there along with their families and closest friends! Also me there creepily hiding with my cameras like a small stalker.  By some miracle not one person involved had given away this big surprise.  Her friends rushed Taelor into running so they “wouldn’t miss the sunset”. Meanwhile Ben was pacing the edge of the pond with a dozen roses and a ring he designed for her.  

I have to say this was one of the funniest reactions to a proposal that I’ve ever photographed. It was soooooo Taelor.  She was so in shock when she saw Ben. When he got down on one knee she jumped about a dozen feet away. Then she spun around the other direction like it was a fight or flight scenario.  When Ben laughingly lured her back and she said yes. The crowds ended up working in Ben’s favor, Taelor didn’t notice anything except Ben. Once she said yes, the crowd started cheering and clapping. She kissed him and squeezed his poor face so hard. It was then she finally realized the ring he had been holding the whole time. One by one she noticed all of her friends and family.  She finally heard the sound of the camera and turned to see me there grinning from ear to ear (you’ll see her reaction when she turned to see me!)

I don’t think Taelor could form a rational thought for the rest of the night.

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San Diego Balboa Park Proposal

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