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A Lake Gregory Crestline engagement for these two super cute humans!

Erika and Daniel officially met in middle school but didn’t start dating until their twenties. Seven years later and they’ll be getting married on that most coveted date of the entire year…10/10/2020! They’ll be having a brunch wedding with endless mimosas. Endless mimosas people. We need to make this the new trend because that sounds like a good time. Daniel answered “drinking” when asked what they do for fun so I know those endless mimosas won’t go to waste.

I forewarned Daniel that some of the things I’ll ask them to do for their mountain engagement will be odd because he wasn’t looking forward to photos. It’s those weird things that tend to make those fun, unposed photos I love so much and helps the couple have fun at the same time. As you can see it worked like a charm! As soon as we got there we noticed that there were so many trees that had been cut down and wrapped in plastic. A bark beetle infestation almost put a kink in our forest adventure. Since I know the area well, it was easy enough to walk a bit further to find the perfect spots.

Erika and Daniel chose Lake Gregory for their engagement photos because they used to drive up the mountain and take their dogs to the lake often. It had a sentimental feel for them and made for the perfect spot for an engagement session. Erika had forgotten her shoes for her second outfit change and offered to go barefoot for a few at the end of the session. She was even a good enough sport to let me put them in the freezing cold lake!!

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Lake Gregory Crestline Engagement

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