A Forest Falls styled wedding session for the books!

This lovely model is Christina. I am creepily obsessed with her beautiful hair and freckles because who wouldn’t be? She’s always told me how much she hated her wedding photos and wished she had known me then. I told her that I knew several people who had said similar statements. A few of them had even hired me for anniversary sessions as a redo (this is why you invest in your wedding photography my friends!). We knew that her husband would need convincing to put on all his wedding clothes and I had just the idea! I offered her an additional session if she acted as my model while I was training my second photographer.

This went above and beyond anything that I had envisioned and I’m so grateful for Christina’s willingness to follow my crazy ideas. Though I fully admit to peer pressuring her into all of this. Holly’s excitement as she excelled in her training only fueled the magic of the session.  

As you will be able to tell, two out of the three of us left this session soaked from the waist down.  Holly was the only sane one who still managed to be epic without jumping into the water with several thousands of dollars of camera gear. There were a few times Christina yelled “this is how much I love you Kristen!” at me as we both sat in this freezing water.

I hope you enjoy this because pure magic was made with this session and the beautiful combination of all involved. I love when a random idea and a lot of fun collaboration come together to make something incredibly special!

And were we successful in convincing Christina’s husband with this Forest Falls styled wedding? We sure were! She saved up and finally get the wedding photos she had always dreamed of! Check out their anniversary session here!

Forest Falls Styled Wedding

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