Brandi and Josh and their Downtown Riverside summer engagement!

Okay, so the story here is kind of awesome.  Josh is from Moreno Valley but was currently living on the east coast.  Brandi is living up in Oregon and that is where the two of them met (and strangely enough where I had been photographing a wedding just a week before).  They were coming down for a family reunion and Josh requested engagement photos from where he grew up.  That’s where Brandi found me!  She googled away and was drawn in by the Wild Irish Rose name and then sold when she got to the website.  It was so meant to be!

We decided on starting at Fairmont Park in Riverside on the third of July where poor Josh roasted away in his uniform for the woman he loves. It was 110 degrees but it was all worth it. I had spf 100 lathered all over my ginger face and we pretended all of us weren’t dying.

 After that we went to downtown Riverside and frolicked while the sun went down.  Josh was able to change into more heat appropriate clothing and out came his crazy personality. Since Downtown Riverside and the Mission Inn have so many beautiful little nooks it was easy to find plenty of fun places for us.

I don’t think I stopped laughing the entire time and you’ll see why.  We had the best time and I was so sad that they had to go back to Oregon and pick another photographer for their wedding.

There may or may not have been some twerking. There was definitely a small Titanic reenactment. My favorite sessions always seem to get just a little weird. Brandi still follows me and we chat via instagram often. They were so much fun and this Downtown Riverside engagement session around the Mission Inn is still a favorite of mine!

Downtown Riverside Summer Engagement

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