Rustic Country Clovis Wedding

Brandon and Ariel

Brandon and Ariel’s 2015 Rustic Country Clovis Wedding! At the time this wedding was everything and it’s still so dear to my heart!

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen Brandon and Ariel! Their epic engagement session in Forest Falls, CA was one of my favorites and I looked forward to their Clovis, CA wedding the following year with embarrassing glee.  

This wedding was the stuff my photographer dreams are made of. Seriously.

For this rustic country Clovis wedding, Brandon and Ariel got married on their own property and made everything themselves, including the ceremony site.  The most humbling aspect to me was that the biggest investment on their wedding day was the photography.  I loved the detail that they included in every area on their wedding day and that preserving their memories was of the utmost importance to them.  Every single thing had meaning, reflected who they were, and the life they were building together.  Since then they’ve started a business to share all of their incredible creations with the rest of us and turned their family of three into a family of four when they welcomed their second daughter a few months ago.

Ariel walked down the aisle they built themselves towards her grinning husband who awaited her under the rustic arch made from branches.  Their vows were emotional and tender. The first kiss was INTENSE! Brandon wasn’t messing around that’s for sure!

Since we were on their property, we had the run of the place for photos and we took advantage of all of it! They even borrowed a rusty old truck to use. Ariel wanted nothing new and shiny so the rustier the better.

Now we get to see their rustic country reception on their property in Clovis and all of the handmade details they put so much time and effort into. From homemade jam to pies to the colorful wildflowers at every turn, this wedding was so detailed and gorgeous.

Enjoy this rustic country Clovis wedding!  I know I did!

Check out their country Forest Falls engagement here!


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