A Redlands sunrise engagement session for Conrad and Ashley! After a double header wedding weekend, the only way for us to fit in their engagement session was to get up before the sun. I had them meet up with me before dawn at a local Starbucks (because this photographer needed a bucket filled with coffee after two weddings). After we all ordered coffees the size of our heads, I led them to a hiking trail I know of.

It was a chilly January morning and the sun had just started to peak over the horizon as we hiked our way down. Thanks to the amount of rain we had already, the hills were green and lush when they’re usually golden. I had them cuddle up, run, carry, and twirl around to keep the energy (and warmth) up.

Since I had only met them that morning as we were all half awake and bundled up, it was a fun time getting to know the two of them. Conrad is the king of the poker face. He is hilarious and goofy…but makes zero facial expressions. The only time I could get him to crack a smile was swinging Ashley around. It got even funnier as he made Ashley carry him which apparently is a whole thing for them. Ashley is just the sweetest but a secret military badass. I was so impressed with her.

The sun rose on our Redlands sunrise engagement and started to inch towards warming us all up. We headed back up the hike to our cars for their change of clothes just as the light was getting good. Right by the edge of the road was the prettiest tree with the sunrise coming up fully behind it. That made for the perfect end to this Redlands sunrise engagement session.

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Redlands Sunrise Engagement

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