Yucaipa Wedding Anniversary

This Yucaipa wedding anniversary session was in the works for a very, very, VERY long time. Christina has told me for years that she wished she had known me when she got married.  I can’t tell you how often I hear that! Well after hearing her tell other people that I would was the wedding photographer she never had, I came up with a solution! I told her that we could always do an anniversary session! She was all for it but it would take awhile for it to finally happen. It was a marathon not a sprint…but I am nothing if not determined.

I planned a rather impromptu styled session with Christina and her glorious natural hair and freckles. It also was going to be used as proof to her husband that she needed that anniversary session! With the most hastily (and cheaply) styled session put together, we headed up to Forest Falls. We spent some time chasing some pretty light in the mountains. At the very end I made her sit in a very cold creek while I stood there in the water with her. If you want to check out that epic session you can do that here.

It took a few years of planning and a little saving but we made it happen. When we went back and forth over a few places the desert seemed to be the main idea. As the time came closer we decided on another area in the Redlands/Yucaipa area seemed a better fit. The rain that California has gotten this year made for a beautiful green backdrop. Christina and Eric put on their wedding finery for the last time and hiked out with me.

There was so much laughter and fun at this Yucaipa wedding anniversary session…but the best part of it all is that I knew we gave Christina the wedding photos she always dreamed of and never had.

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