This spring engagement in Yucaipa is one of my top three favorite engagement sessions! Katie and I have been social media friends after many encounters at Starbucks and the gym. At the beginning of the year, she reached out to me about her upcoming May wedding at the The Retreat in Corona, Ca. We met up for coffee and it was off and running from there!

I know Cameron and Katie are big nature lovers from following their social medias for so long. As always, that meant a hike and having them climb into the middle of nature. We went on our little hike in Yucaipa to find this special spot for our engagement session!

Katie brought a bottle of vodka as a surprise way to break Cameron into the session and asked me to photograph his reaction.  It was my first experience with their antics and sense of humor and it was AMAZING. Later I learned that the eye rolls were a love language for them and it made their wedding so incredibly fun.

Cameron and Katie have been together for seven years and they’re both just so adorable and fun.  They are high school sweethearts who went to different schools but met on good old fashioned Twitter.

We went on a little hike further down until the light was just right and then the most glorious, golden session continued 

After the shots of Tito’s, the rest of the session was forcing them to frolic in golden sunlight in a golden field. Actually I’m lying. There was no forcing needed! Katie was down for it all and Cameron was so much fun. I love sessions with equal parts laughter and love. After their spring engagement in Yucaipa, I knew that their wedding was going to be something special and I couldn’t wait for it to arrive!

You won’t want to miss Cameron and Katie’s Wedgewood The Retreat Wedding!

Spring Engagement in Yucaipa

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