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Lake Arrowhead Summer Engagement

Summer Lake Arrowhead Engagement

What a joyful experience this summer Lake Arrowhead engagement was! At the time of this engagement session, I was going on a decade of being in business and twelve years photographing weddings. You’d think that all of this would have lost its shine but if anything I’ve only fallen deeper in love with what I […]

Engagements & Proposals

San Clemente Pier Winter Engagement

Every so often I leave an session thinking that magic happened and this San Clemente Pier winter engagement is one of those. Our plans to meet up at sunset were thwarted by a giant dark cloud creeping along the horizon until it overtook the sun. And as always, everything always works out so perfectly when […]

Engagements & Proposals


Redlands Spring Engagement

E & E’s sister reached out to me from Canada for this Redlands spring engagement under the guise of it being a graduation session. But there was so much more meaning behind this session. Graduating medical school was a big accomplishment that needed celebrating but was overshadowed with a cancer diagnosis. With all of this […]

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Downtown Fullerton Sunrise Engagement

We’re back again with these two cuties and their Downtown Fullerton sunrise engagement! Fueled by the massive iced coffee I inhaled on my pre-dawn drive, I met up with Scarlett and Joshua in a dark parking lot not far from the historic Villa Del Sol where they would be getting married later in the year. […]

Engagements & Proposals

Engagements & Proposals

Downtown Redlands Sunrise Engagement

To say this was a Downtown Redlands sunrise Engagement is a rather limiting how amazing this all was and how many iconic spots we hit downtown. Jeremy and Hayley flew in from New York and woke up before dawn (looking this good I might add) to drive to Redlands. I awaited in a dark parking […]

Engagements & Proposals

Engagements & Proposals


Oak Glen Engagement in Wildwood Canyon

The typical June gloom lingered the entire day making our long and adventurous hike for this Oak Glen engagement in wildwood canyon nice and cool. The most amazing thing about these trails is that many people take their horses around the area and there’s tons of wildlife as well like deer and bobcats (from a […]

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Fall Engagement in Lake Arrowhead

Craig and Heather’s fall engagement in Lake Arrowhead started off at my favorite local coffee shop Lulubelle’s before we headed into the nearby forest in Lake Arrowhead. Craig and Heather met while volunteering at a toy drive and some flirting ensued. He asked her out for coffee but she declined…but armed with the knowledge of […]

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Country Redlands Engagement

This country Redlands engagement is pretty special! I’ve known Kristi for years and have photographed most of her family at some point. We’ve kept in touch over social media and when Taylor proposed, she already knew I was the photographer for her. Before we worked with my availability and the venue’s to find them a […]

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Joshua Tree Fall Engagement

Today you’re in a good time with this Joshua Tree fall engagement! One of the great things about California is the access to the mountains, desert, and ocean all within a few hours drive. Since these two are getting married in the desert, it seemed only fitting to adventure into one of our favorite places […]

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Brewery Lake Arrowhead Engagement

Marie reached out to me mere days after Devin proposed in Las Vegas and with a shared love of breweries, we started dreaming up our Brewery Lake Arrowhead engagement! While you may typically look at my engagement sessions and see mountaintop forests or rolling hills and golden light, I love to bring in aspects that […]

Engagements & Proposals

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