For this summer engagement in Crestline, we headed up the mountains to cooler weather in hopes of feeling more like fall (California missed the memo that it was October already). The last time we visited Lake Gregory for an engagement session it had snowed the week before but cleared up just in time!

Jesse and Sara met in high school when she was a senior and he was a freshman. He caught her eye and she made sure she caught his! When she moved away to college they lost touch for the most part until four years later when Jesse contacted her. When they saw each other face to face for the first time in years, it felt like no time had passed! You can tell how comfortable they are with each other and how much fun they have together right away. They might have also started the session with a bottle of Smirnoff!

Initially we had toyed with the idea of a sunrise engagement session. It had been many years since the days when I used to run around the lake in the morning so I drove up one morning before sunrise. Sitting in the parking lot of San Moritz Lodge (one of my favorite mountain venues), I was reminded of a fact that mountain folks are well acquainted with…there are zero street lights. So there’s that. Armed with that new and exciting information, Jesse and Sara decided on sunset for their summer engagement in Crestline.

After the sun lowered behind the trees, we headed back to the lake. Sara told me that she’d be willing to jump in the water and Jesse took a little bit more convincing. You’ll see his trepidation! He was such a great sport and jumped right in for some blue hour photos to round out our adventure with our Lake Gregory summer engagement.

Summer Engagement in Crestline

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