Tips for picking a wedding photographer

You’re here looking for all the tricks and tips for finding a wedding photographer. One of you popped the question, the celebrating and excitement finally calmed down…and now you’re navigating this murky world of wedding planning. It’s confusing and you don’t even know where to start and I don’t blame you. Eventually you’re going to look at so many things that your brain will become mush and everything might start looking the same. So I’m here to help!

Thankfully you live in this wonderful time of internet, websites, blogs, Pinterest, and endless apps to start you on this journey. Unfortunately that can make things more overwhelming. Plus there is conflicting information out there (ahem Pinterest lists I’m looking at you). So we’re going to hit on a few things that might not come up in all of those Pinterest lists.

1. Budget

It’s going to be a huge factor. I encourage you not to skimp on your photographer as these are your memories. Find a budget range you’re comfortable with. When you’re planning things out, it’s also a good idea to list the things that are most important to you. Knowing what is your focus will help if you need to cut corners in other areas to allow more room for the things you want to prioritize like picking a wedding photographer.

2. Style:

To narrow it down further, this is partly going to be finding what you prefer and honestly what fits your personalities and styles. Do you love vibrant, true to life colors? Do you like a darker, warmer style? Or is your heart set on the lighter, pastel look? Or is a clean and simple edit more your jam? The way each photographer edits, uses light, and approaches a wedding is going to be different and figuring out what resonates with you is going to be a big factor with finding a photographer.

3. Approach:

Huh? Why does this matter? In my opinion this is just narrowing down that style consideration just a little more. In the photography world there are going to be a lot of buzz words that mean things you might or might know. Editorial. Cinematic. Fashion. Raw. Candid. Fine art. I can go on and on and on. What this is going to come down to when picking a wedding photographer is looking at their work on their website, blog, and maybe even asking for an example of a full wedding. Do you want candid, emotional shots or the perfectly posed ones? Are you interested in all the pretty detail photos or does a more organic feel call to you? You don’t have to answer all of these but pick what speaks to you and start looking for it in the work of photographers you’re browsing through.

4. Personality:

This one is kind of my own take on this. You are going to be spending more time with your wedding photographer than you will each other on your wedding day. You’ll want to vibe with them! Find one you love for your pick!

If these tips for finding a wedding photographer helped you, these tips for choosing a wedding venue might be just the thing for you!

Four Tips for Finding a Wedding Photographer

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