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You’re wondering if you need engagement photos, well let’s spend some time with these four pros and cons of engagement photos!

There are a lot of things to consider.

Awareness. Budget. Comfort level. General interest.

1. Awareness: Believe it or not, there are many out there who don’t know what an engagement session is or why you would even want one. My own husband was one of those! He thought it was when I took photos of a proposal. I’m not here to judge. Unless you’re a photographer or someone who knows a lot of people getting married, engagement sessions aren’t something you’re required to know about.

An engagement session is a separate session with your photographer where you get all dressed up in that magical period of time after you’re engaged and before you’re married. These photos can be used for save the dates, a wedding website, invitations, and even decorations for the wedding itself. If that seems excessive then an engagement session might be less of a pro and more of a con of engagement photos.

2. Comfort level: Some people HATE having their picture taken or feel awkward. Some aren’t into a lot of PDA. Personally, I pride myself on making the experience fun, a little weird, and as painless and natural as possible. Super posed, awkward photos don’t look good on anyone.

Now here we’re going to get into the main perks of an engagement session. It’s an opportunity to hang out with your photographer and get used to them, their personality, and feel less intimidated being in front of the camera before your wedding day. Plus you get pretty pictures out of it.

3. Budget is also a consideration if you’re deciding if you should have an engagement session. Some photographers will build engagements into collections, have it as an a la carte option, or offer it as a promotion.

4. General interest is a big one too if you’re wondering do I need an engagement session and the pros and cons of engagement photos. Some couples have been together for a long time and honestly it just doesn’t appeal to them. Or they have busy lives and don’t think it’s necessary to take time and devote it to an engagement session.

If you have any questions about aspects of an engagement session feel free to ask! I have an engagement session guide that I send out to all of my couples to help them get the most out of their session! And check out these engagements with some of my favorite people in the whole wide world!

Four pros and cons of engagement photos

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