Forest Falls Mountain Engagement Fall Autumn California Wedding Photographer

Kassey and Josh are the cutest and we had such a beautiful Angelus Oaks fall engagement. I didn’t think we’d see too many beautiful fall colors but I was pleased to find myself proven wrong.

Kassey found me through her sister. That turned into a funny story as another former client referred me to Josh. He let them know that they had already booked a photographer not realizing that it was me! I had a good laugh about that when I found out about that after the wedding.

These high school sweethearts checked out my work and we scheduled a consultation. Needless to say, I immediately fell in love with them.  They’re just so adorable! When the time came to schedule our engagement session it was just as wedding season was kicking off. I can’t even remember how we ended up deciding on Forest Falls but I was all for it!

We adventured up to Forest Falls and found the one tiny piece of fall that California finally let us have.  The red colors were to die for and Josh and Kassey were troopers when I made them climb into an area where we could reach the pretty colors. They sweetly braved prickly bushes, bugs galore, mud, and avoided falling into a creek at my request during this Angelus Oaks fall engagement. Thankfully Kassey knew what she was getting into after following my work for awhile. She brought $5 Payless shoes to adventure around in. Such a smart girl. At the very end, the light was getting pretty dramatic. I was gong to take pity on them but Kassey JUMPED at the chance when I asked them to climb into the bushes. She saw a similar past post on Instagram and had been secretly hoping I’d ask her to do the same thing!

Enjoy this Angelus Oaks fall engagement and check out their Menifee Lakes wedding here!

Angelus Oaks Fall Engagement

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