Fun story about this winter Yucaipa engagement! The first time I met Cheyenne was at a wedding I photographed about five years ago in Cedar Pines Park.  We met again under the unique circumstances of me photographing her sister giving birth a few years later.  If that doesn’t bond a bride and photographer, then I don’t know what does! You’ve seen things together to say the least.

Before their winter Yucaipa engagement, Cheyenne tried to convince me that her and Matt were awkward and bad at taking photos.  This was obviously not the case as you’ll be able to see.  So often I find that couples think they’re one thing and I get the change to convince them otherwise. Cheyenne is just so lovely and her and Matt are unbelievably sweet together.  It was my honor to show them how beautiful, surrounded with light, laughter, and very much in love they are.

Just as I knew it would, the delivery of this gallery was received with so much joy. Cheyenne told me that she never felt beautiful in a photo until just then. Now tell me that isn’t the greatest compliment a photographer could ask for!?

You’ll love their winter Yucaipa engagement and you should check out their Joshua Tree wedding session here! There was a slight hiccup with their Bonsall wedding when Matt and several others in the wedding party came down with the stomach flu. To get the wedding photos of Cheyenne’s dreams, we got them all dressed up again and frolicked around Joshua Tree right after a weekend of snow in the desert. Trust me you’re going to want to check it out!

Winter Yucaipa Engagement

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