I peer pressured Mark and Brianna into this downtown Riverside sunrise engagement! Initially we came up with the plan to avoid any crowds but rescheduling to August brought a double benefit of avoiding the summer heat! They loved the idea of using the architecture of the downtown area and the added perk of heading over to Fairmont Park for the beautiful greenery.

Mark and Brianna are both teachers who will be getting married at The Homestead in Oak Glen (check out a wedding there!). They are homebodies who’s idea of the perfect night is to stay in and cook a fancy dinner. That’s actually how Mark proposed! When she told me all the tv shows they love to watch, I knew I had to name their collections after some of my favorite awesome shows. They also share a love of finding awesome brunch places!

I could tell Mark wasn’t too keen on getting his photo taken but he was such a great sport! They had been getting ready for their downtown Riverside sunrise engagement session by taking early morning walks. That came in handy as we walked through the streets around the Mission Inn as the sun came up!

Next we headed to Fairmont Park for this sunrise engagement to a beautiful, secluded area. The lake and the surrounding trees provided just enough nature to make it feel like we were somewhere far from Southern California. Sadly, the rose gardens were closed but there was still plenty for us to frolic through as the morning officially started.

If you loved this downtown Riverside/Mission Inn/Fairmont Park sunrise engagement, check out this fun Riverside engagement and then stay tuned for their Homestead wedding in Oak Glen! The Homestead is one of my favorite venues of all time and it never fails to be a magical wedding in Oak Glen.

Downtown Riverside Sunrise Engagement

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