To say I was looking forward to this summer brunch wedding at Skypark Santa’s Village with Mike and Kimberly would be an understatement. First let’s talk about this venue!!! OH. MY. GOODNESS. I grew up on the mountain and with everyone who grew up there, we know Santa’s Village and we even know where some of the original cement mushrooms are hiding around the mountain. In recent years it’s not only opened back up as Santa’s Village but also has the most exquisite wedding venue, SkyPark. There’s even have a bike park and skating park among many other activities and an RV resort and will be adding SkyStream Resort with vintage airstreams that you can stay in. To say it’s an impressive and stunning wedding venue doesn’t begin to describe SkyPark at Santa’s Village.

We started the morning as the sun rose at the Parlour Room in Skyforest for hair and makeup before heading over to SkyPark to get ready.

Mike and Kimberly are the most fun ever. I’m not kidding, they both have this sense of humor that makes anything fun. Plus they have the cutest baby known to man. When we met up for their engagement session (check that out here!) little Maddie knew that she was the star of the show. Once she was no longer the star, well she voiced her disapproval. In one of the photos Mike whispered romantically in Kimberly’s ear “we’ll always remember our baby screaming her head off in the background in this one photo” and it is the cutest photo of them laughing together. you wouldn’t know that there was an upset baby in a stroller expressing her need to be photographed too. Plus can we talk about Mike’s wedding socks that he had made with Kimberly’s face on them? If I could put in all the funny parts written into their ceremony and vows I definitely would.

You want to know about a fantastic perk to this summer brunch Wedding at Skypark Santa’s Village? Brunch. Whoever invented brunch weddings is a genius.

Venue – Skypark at Santa’s Village
Hair – The Parlour Room
Makeup – Ariana
Florist – Little Green House

Summer Brunch Wedding at Skypark Santa’s Village

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