As a photographer I'm a little biased but I happen to believe photographs are one the most important things

C'mon now, think about what you'll have twenty years from now.
Your cake? Ewww.
Flowers? Probably not.
A pretty dress? Okay maybe.
But, what's the one thing that you keep? That you share with others? That you pass on to your grandchildren and hang on the walls of the home you build together?

You guessed right...It's your photographs!

Your wedding is a blur of love and laughter and tears. Second only to your commitment to each other, your memories are the most important part of your wedding day. I don't take my role lightly because I know photography is an investment into the most cherished moments of your life. You want to know what to expect from your wedding photographer and I don't blame you.


Customized collections

start at $2,000.

So here are just a few little pricing and booking tidbits for you...

I use a personal and customized approach to collection prices. You get to answer a few questions to get a feel for your needs and budget. If we love each other and need to work within a budget, I try my very best to make that happen. It isn’t always possible but we can always see what we can modify to work with a budget. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO ASK if I’m it for you.

From there a proposal of three possible collections is customized just for your awesomeness.

We modify if needed and then proceed to the booking aspect.

Engagement Sessions

Engagement sessions and all other sessions

start at $350.

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