If you're curious about what a full wedding looks like...

These are some of my favorites for you to check out!

I love light and color and nature…it’s what I live for and what most of you are here for.

But not every second of a wedding is just that.  

There are tears and laughter and drunken dances.

Some photographers have an entirely hands on approach and some have an entirely hands off approach.  I find that mine is a balance.  I’m incredibly hands on throughout the day, leading you or helping you.  I’m also constantly observing, seeing the things that I have no hand in whatsoever. It’s those moments that tell your story.

All of this is showcased in each blog post to tell the full story of all recent sessions and weddings.  

This page is for those that want to dig in a little deeper to see what a full wedding looks like!  

If you get through all of these then you’re my hero and we should be friends.

Seriously though…we should be friends…

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