My adventures in life often involve my giant, dreadlocked goofball (that's him over there).
He's convinced I’m Merida from the movie Brave...he just kind of yells BRAVE! at me whenever my hair or personality get too strong willed. Then he just laughs and laughs at his own joke (insert rolling eye emoji here).

I run on shenanigans, sassiness, Friends quotes, and an obscene amount of coffee.

When we meet be prepared for me to crack jokes, laugh loudly, gesture wildly, and run full sprint towards something I think is pretty (while trying not to die).

I believe in embracing life with a whole lot of weirdness, far too much smart-aleck humor, and every single ounce of fierce passion, obsessive gratitude, profound inspiration, and reckless joy that I can forcefully wring out of this adventure called life.

So that's me.

My approach

My heart

Okay, I’m going to be a little vulnerable here.

I’m a wedding photographer who isn’t a wedding person.  Weird right?

Let me explain.

I’m deeply passionate about what I do and the couples I serve and champion. You read that right.  I said serve and not just photograph because it’s so much more to me.  Your love, who you are independently and together, your wedding…it should all be done your way.

Why do I do this?

You’re the reason.

My personality (as crazy as it is) doesn’t know how to keep things at surface level.

I want you to be seen and heard, invested in and championed.  I want you to be smacked in the face with every emotion possible when you look at your photos.

My goal is and always will be a photograph that feels alive. I want a photograph to evoke emotion, to captivate you and inspire you. A photograph should move, breathe, and reach out and grab you by the heart.

A photograph should take your breath away.

I firmly believe that I’m not just a photographer who’s been in business for nearly a decade, I’m someone who is intensely passionate and inspired by the beauty of nature, the transformation in the journey, and the connections between people. I will definitely cry at your wedding and dance terribly at your reception all while hiding behind a camera. I will 100% find a small piece of nature and make you climb into it.

My heart is incessantly searching for the profound and beautiful in both the world and the stories I’m honored to tell and the people I get to serve. Stories like yours and people like you.

That’s what I thrive on.

The Experience


Taelor H.

I have known Kristen for about 7 years now, and I booked her as my photographer before I even had a boyfriend/fiancé. Kristen did my college senior session, my proposal, my engagement photos, and now my wedding and she will be doing my maternity/family sessions when the time comes. I’ve never considered another photographer, not because she’s my friend, but because she exceeds my expectations every time. I always know anything she delivers will be great, but she leaves me speechless with each delivery. You can feel the love, joy, and emotion in all of her work. She puts her whole heart and energy into her work and it doesn’t go unnoticed. I’ve gotten SO many compliments on all the photos I’ve received from her, and everyone is always amazed at her work. Kristen’s photos are not those cheesy poses you see everyday. They convey pure emotion and describe each couple’s relationship so genuinely and personal. I cried when I received my wedding photos. Anyone would truly be honored to have Kristen as your photographer, I know I am because she’s my photographer for life.


The Experience


Cassie G.

We absolutely LOVE our wedding photos! Kristen literally caught every sentimental, loving and funny emotional moment. Even though it was just her photographing our entire wedding the photos seem like there were three photographers. She was able to capture the expressions on my face as well as my husbands and even get full party shots of our ceremony. We had such a blast looking though the hundreds of photos she sent us only 2 WEEKS after our wedding weekend. We definitely recommend using her for any sentimental photo session!

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