Disneyland Proposal

Paul and Megan Disneyland Proposal

My close friend Penny gave Paul my website just days before his Disneyland proposal. It was a holiday week and I didn’t have a session or wedding scheduled and everything came together perfectly. We emailed and texted back and forth for several days. Paul gave me the final details and making sure I knew what they both looked like. With a few hiccups and a few pivots in the plan, I spotted him in line for the carousel.

There is no way to not look creepy and completely conspicuous when you’re by yourself at Disneyland with giant cameras strapped to you. I kept taking photos of The Beast who was thankfully hanging out there at the exact same time. I also found some ducks wandering around so I wouldn’t be found out as Paul and Megan rounded the corner.

In front of the wishing well Paul got down on one knee and proposed with the ring he’d hidden inside a lightsaber. He had been wearing the lightsaber for a whole month so that when the day came, she wouldn’t be suspicious. I call that some serious dedication!! Megan told me later how weird and nerdy she thought it was but just accepted it. She even she hit her hand on it a few times while they were walking!

All of this worked to my advantage and it was amazing! Paul popped the question and Megan was completely thrown off! Once she saw that I was there for her, we all introduced ourselves finally. It was pretty funny to tell her the entire story of how the day had gone down without her knowing any of it!

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